A different perspective

When seeking equality it is important to keep one’s discourse open to outside opinions so as to see things – in this case Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform – from multiple perspectives. This both strengthens our understanding of our own thinking and lets us consider questions we may not otherwise ask.

In the spirit of equality I’ve asked a few men in the dance community to give their opinion on the state of equality with choreographers, and Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform’s mission.

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Advice and assurance: an interview with MonixArts’ Monica Nicolaides

Monica Nicolaides. Photographer: Teresa Wilson (2015)

Monica Nicolaides very generously shared her time and experience with us as a guest speaker at our most recent professional development meeting about Grants for the Arts at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios. You will be able to read up on it soon. We asked her about her projects, how she works, and if she could give any final advice for those wanting to progress as choreographers.

You can read all about MonixArts here. Scroll down and you will also find their contact details and links to Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram and more ways to keep up to date with MonixArts.

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Emerged: an interview with choreographer Shannon Mockli

We here at Kaleidoscopic Arts believe a choreographer can emerge from anywhere through anyone so we try our best to represent female choreographers from different places, backgrounds, and ages both in interviews and in our platforms.

For our second emerged interview we decided to choose choreographer Shannon Mockli. Mockli is the same age as our previous interviewee, however, lives on the opposite side of the US (and for us opposite side of the Atlantic.)

Shannon Mockli is an Associate Professor of Dance10419058_10152471065463257_749496295890441307_n at the University of Oregon. She recently presented her new work “Breathing Under Water” in Portland, OR. You can read more about Shannon here.

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Emerged: an interview with choreographer T. Lang

This is the first in a series of interviews with an already emerged choreographer in order to give a perspective of what lies ahead. 

Supporting the positive events occurring in the world of female choreographers reflects the core of Kaleidoscopic Arts. However, the urge to write about them was heavily influenced by an interview we held last week with choreographer T. Lang.

tlangheadshotLang is the artistic director of T. Lang Dance – based in Atlanta, Georgia – and an associate professor at Spelman College. A Graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of The Arts she moved to Atlanta in 2008 after dancing professionally in New York and has been choreographing and developing her company/repertoire ever since.

We sat down to a video call with her to ask about the process of becoming an emerged female choreographer and the obstacles she faced and occasionally still faces today. Here are our questions and briefs of the answers and insights that she gave us.

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