Cecilia Berghäll is dance artist and filmmaker based in London. Originally from Finland she received concurrent degrees at the University of Oregon for Dance and Cinema Studies where she focused on the relationship between the two idioms, as well as extensively studying analysis and writing in gender, race, and cultural film. She is primarily a performer but hopes to choreograph more in the near future. Cecilia is the website developer and primary blogger for Kaleidoscopic Arts.  Cecilia’s Website

eqD0rmALkZ26XrgmcLpdLoCFZhILucia Schweigert is a German-Chilean dance artist usually based in London, but currently living in Santiago de Chile. She is a freelance dancer and choreographer of Lucidez Dance. She dances contemporary, jazz, show and Samba and has recently begun learning Flamenco and Tango. As a creator and choreographer she is interested in how historic developments affect our personalities and our behaviour and in the formation, manifestation and communication of identity, in particular female identity and cultural and national identity. Lucia contributes to the At issue/happening now series of the blog and is co-founder of Kaleidoscopic Arts. Lucia’s Website

d20757_969e821959e74f66a3254e6c866d4c72.jpg_srb_p_724_504_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Konstantina Skalionta is a London based dance artist, teacher and choreographer. Her work reflects upon personal experiences and aspires to explore social interaction and the human condition. She is interested in collaborating with artists of other fields, as well as, developing performances outside the theatre setting. Konstantina is co-founder of Kaleidoscopic Arts. Konstantina’s Website

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