Meet the choreographers: Lizzie J Klotz

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform is excited to announce the second interview in a series profiling the upcoming choreographers and artists for our third platform which takes place Tuesday, November 10th at The Galvanisers Union. 

Be the first to hear from the choreographers about their work and thoughts, and get an insight into their process and rehearsals.

CSUkF4sW0AAFQlfLizzie J Klotz: As an independent dance artist and filmmaker based in the North East of England, Lizzie is working on various performance, participation and choreography projects within the region, with companies such as State of Grace, Lo-Giudice Dance, Kelly Abbott Dance Theatre, Late to the Conversation, Bait and Northumberland Arts Development. (To read a full biography of Lizzie you can visit the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform website)

Lizzie’s work is marked by an interest in human behaviour, exploring actions, reactions and interactions of the everyday. Working in both live and video performance, she is interested in combining elements of dance, text and song. She creates sensitive, humorous and thought-provoking work. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally throughout Europe, the Middle East and South America.

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Meet the choreographers: Esther Manon Siddiquie

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform is exited to announce a new interview series profiling the upcoming choreographers and artists for our third platform which takes place Tuesday, November 10th at the Galvanisers Union. 

Be the first to hear from the choreographers about their work and thoughts, and get an insight into their process and rehearsals. 

Esther Manon Siddiquie 568KBEsther Manon Siddiquie is based in Berlin and London and works as a choreographer and performer.  Esther graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2013, where she was awarded the Charlotte Kirk Patrick Award for exceptional potential as a dance artist. (To read a full biography of Esther you can visit the Kaleidoscopic Arts website.)

In 2014 she participated in ‘Exit Visa’, a new artist development programme for recent graduates run by London Contemporary Dance School and The Place. There she created the piece ‘Suitcase – Ein Tanzstück für Zuschauer’. It has been performed at Tanzmesse Düsseldorf and Swallowsfeet Festival among others – now to include Kaleidoscopic Arts’ third platform on November 10th.

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Second network meeting for professional development

“I think this is part of our problem. Nobody laughs. How often do we laugh? What is wrong with us? Dance seems to be too serious … Dance can also be about joy. Dance can be about entertainment. The weight of that seriousness that we all have to have, and the evidence of deep process, is also a burden and may not do us very well at all.”

For our second network meeting in September 2015 we had the honour to have choreographer, scholar and teacher Julia Gleich speak to us about what it’s like to “make it” as a choreographer and to discuss with us notions of success as well as ways to develop our careers.

Julia is the founding choreographer and director of Gleich Dances si15.09.25. 2nd network meeting (14) - Copynce 1993.

She is on faculty at Trinity Laban and the Head of Choreography at London Studio Centre among many other roles. She works between NYC and London. Find out more about her and her work on her website


We have found that when discussing any issues and ideas – gender issues, female choreographers, artistic development, “emerging” and so on – we were always speaking to people who had a very similar level of experience to ourselves and we decided that we needed to hear from someone who had a wealth of experience and who had in fact made it beyond the “emerging” label. Julia kindly agreed to speak to us and so we met at Siobhan Davies Dance studios.

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Progress for women choreographers in dance

When it comes to talking about women choreographers in contemporary dance it can be easy to focus solely on identifying problems. Pointing fingers, and raising red flags to inequality is occasionally necessary – after all awareness is the first step to change. However, we here at Kaleidoscopic Arts feel it is just as important to discuss the progress that is occurring within the world of contemporary dance in regards to opportunities for and discussions about female choreographers. We are all fortunate today for the social discussion about women choreographers to even be open. It is through attending new platforms, writing, tweeting, supporting new artists, and holding more discussions that societal norms can evolve. Choreographer, dancer, supporter; whatever you may be the attention to the new positive developments in the scene are going to strengthen the discourse.

That being said here are just some examples that prove our discussion – as a community – is strong. We highly recommend you follow along with these events.

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Interview for Gender in Dance by Isaac Ouro-Gnao

In March 2015 Isaac Ouro-Gnao, editor of Gender in Dance, invited us to an interview to find out if there is a need and importance for a female exclusive platform.

You can read his full article and many more on the Gender in Dance website, a valuable resource to anyone interested in gender issues in the dance world. Gender in Dance is also on Twitter and on Facebook.

We thought this interview would be a great start to our Kaleidoscopic Arts blog and Isaac kindly agreed for us to republish it. We spoke about very complex issues and hope this interview will be part of the wider debate. The debate and our own thinking have to be on-going and the ideas and thoughts we present here are not at all conclusive. They are the beginning of our own approach and we are curious and excited to see where producing the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform will take us.

Thank you Isaac for making us reflect on our practice and ambitions!

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